GAEN is the new brand of Standart TIM, the last link of the chain of companies operating since the 1950s.

Standart-TIM, whose working area is corporate architectural design, implementation, and production, has proudly exported its products and services to more than 80 countries for more than 30 years.

During this period, the company worked with many global brands; designed, produced, and installed over 100 000 sqm sales points in Turkey and around the world, and specialized in this industry with its experience and team.

Standart Tim, which has the know-how and skills to deal with a broad variety of materials, such as wood, acrylic, and metal, is now stepping into the retail world with their new Gaen brand. With Gaen, we aim to target the new worlds users taste with furniture and accessories that has a design value.



Gaen presents its new collection as stand alone units, which blends in with time and space in various ways and has a character that is beyond its functions.
Our designs appeal to a wide time spectrum that avoids the repetitive details of industrial products that belongs to current trends.

We design our collection mostly in small volumes by taking into account the limited interior spaces that are imposed by urban lifestyle. We propose a new definition of luxury and give products a new design quality that will create an emotional bond with our customers.



Gaye Gönenli – Brand management

My long years of experience in the fashion industry led me to a new and exciting creative field, furniture design. It is captivating to approach the collection creation phase from a different disciplinary perspective.

As Gaen Studio, we strive to create pieces that we can relate to personally. Our main goal is to provide a dynamic effect in the areas where it is used, to go beyond its usual functions, and to evaluate its relationship with people and space from a new perspective.

Our products are familiar and new at the same time.
We hope you like this collection, which we have created with care and diligence.


Aylin Aktan – Brand management

I worked as a senior manager for a multinational corporation with a German partner that is the market leader in the travel retail industry.

I've acted as a strategist and a decision-maker in commercial strategy, retail operations, business development, and marketing.

I carried out the strategic commercial agreements required to supply the globally recognized and luxury brands.

Aspiring for originality and seeking to find the functionality, Gaen Studio is a fascinating and interesting brand that I can contribute with my 20 years of experience and achievements.


Nihat Eligür  Co-founder / Designer

Having a degree in Industrial design from Mimar Sinan University and as a founding partner at Standart – TIM, I design and produce sales point units.

To this date, I have carried out many projects for various companies. Gaen allowed me to reflect my own design artistry, express my knowledge and ideas freely without being tied to a corporate brand.

By omitting the ordinary, the collection contains some luxury and fun.


Engin Uysal  Co-founder / Designer

After graduating from Istanbul Saint Joseph High School, I studied at Mimar Sinan University, Department of Industrial Design. I received my graduate degree at Istanbul Technical University, Industrial Production and Design Department.

As a founding partner and the Design Director at Standart-Tim since the mid 90’s, I carry out the responsibility and coordination of creative and technical solutions in design, production, and field applications of projects within Turkey and abroad.

Aside from my professional life, I enjoy painting and had a private exhibition in 2019 at Gobal Art Design Gallery. I also participated at Step Istanbul Art Fair. My new exhibition will be held in 2022.

The Gaen project has been a way to channel my experience, my desire to design and my technical knowledge in which I built over the years.

I try to create post-modern products which has details from the past that has a harmony with the modern day. I sometimes make references to the world of fantasy to be more playful. I hope the collection will give you a good feeling.





Gaen Warehouse